ETNO . CZ - výběr z katalogu: country & western / bluegrass
Kat.c. Umelec Titul Cena Pozn.    
SFW-CD-40127 ALLEN, Red The Folkways Years Featuring Frank Wakefield - 1964-1983 420,00               
PV793103 Banjo Furioso BEST OF U.S.A. 490,00               
PV789021 Bluegrass 43, dir Jean-Paul Delon BLUEGRASS 43 - COUNTRY & SWING 490,00               
SFW-CD-45051 BRAND, Oscar Presidential Campaign Songs - 1789-1996 420,00               
SFW-CD-40009 COTTEN, Elizabeth Freight Train and Other 420,00               
SFW-CD-40004 COUNTRY GENTLEMEN, The Country Songs, Old and New 420,00               
SFW-CD-40022 COUNTRY GENTLEMEN, The Folk Songs and Bluegrass 420,00               
SFW-CD-40133 COUNTRY GENTLEMEN, The On The Road 420,00               
SFW-CD-40065 DICKENS, Hazel & GERRARD, Alice Pioneering Women of Bluegrass 420,00               
SFW-CD-40142 DYER-BENNET, Richard Dyer-Bennet #2 420,00               
SFW-CD-40143 DYER-BENNET, Richard Dyer-Bennet #5 420,00               
SFW-CD-40078 DYER-BENNETT, Richard Dyer-Bennet # 1 420,00               
SFW-CD-40103 GUTHRIE, Woody Buffalo Skinners - The Asch Recordings, Volume 4 420,00               
SFW-CD-40102 GUTHRIE, Woody Hard Travelin' - The Asch Recordings, Volume 3 420,00               
SFW-CD-40046 GUTHRIE, Woody Long Ways to Travel - The Unreleased Folkways Masters 1944-1949 420,00               
SFW-CD-40101 GUTHRIE, Woody Muleskinner Blues - The Asch Recordings Volume 2 420,00               
SFW-CD-40007 GUTHRIE, Woody Sings Folk Songs 420,00               
SFW-CD-40112 GUTHRIE, Woody The Asch Recordings 822,00 3CD          
SFW-CD-40060 GUTHRIE, Woody The Ballads of Sacco and Vanzetti 420,00               
SFW-CD-40100 GUTHRIE, Woody This Land Is Your Land - The Asch Recordings, Volume 1 420,00               
SFW-CD-40001 GUTHRIE, Woody and LEADBELLY Folkways: The Original Vision 420,00               
SFW-CD-40144 HOLCOMB, Roscoe An Untamed Sense Of Control 420,00               
SFW-CD-40104 HOLCOMB, Roscoe High Lonesome Sound 420,00               
SFW-CD-40059 HOUSTON, Cisco The Folkways Years 1944-1961 420,00               
PV710781 Cheyenne, Foggy Mountain breakdownÉ BANJO-EXPRESS 490,00               
PS65269 John Hopre Grenell Born in the West 390,00               
      / vydáno 2003 /          
SFW-CD-40114 LONG, Larry Well May The World Go 420,00               
SFW-CD-45050 LONG, Larry and The Youth and Elders of Rural Alabama Here I Stand: Elders Wisdom, Childrens Song 420,00               
SFW-CD-40082 LUNSFORD, Bascom Lamar Ballads, Banjo Tunes, And Sacred Songs Of Western North Carolina 420,00               
SFW-CD-40063 MONROE, Bill and the Bluegrass Boys Live Recordings 420,00               
SFW-CD-40064 MONROE, Bill and WATSON, Doc Live Duet Recordings 420,00               
SFW-CD-40036 NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS The Early Years 1958-1962 420,00               
SFW-CD-40098 NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS There Ain't No Way Out 420,00               
SFW-CD-40040 NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS Volume 2 420,00               
SFW-CD-40008 OCHS, Phil The Broadside Tapes 420,00               
SFW-CD-40049 REAGON, Bernice Johnson Give Your Hands To Struggle 420,00               
SFW-CD-40124 REYNOLDS, Malvina Ear To The Ground 420,00               
SFW-CD-40145 RITCHIE, Jean Ballads From Her Appalachian Family Tradition 420,00               
SFW-CD-40107 SEEGER, Mike Southern Banjo Sounds 420,00               
SFW-CD-40136 SEEGER, Mike True Vine 420,00               
SFW-CD-40048 SEEGER, Peggy The Folkways Years: 1955-1992 420,00               
SFW-CD-40150 SEEGER, Pete American Favorite Ballads - Volume 1 420,00               
SFW-CD-40151 SEEGER, Pete American Favorite Ballads - Volume 2 420,00               
SFW-CD-40058 SEEGER, Pete American Industrial Ballads 420,00               
SFW-CD-40018 SEEGER, Pete Darling Corey & Goofing-Off Suite 420,00               
SFW-CD-40111 SEEGER, Pete Headlines and Footnotes - A Collection of Topical Songs 420,00               
SFW-CD-40096 SEEGER, Pete If I Had a Hammer - Songs of Hope and Struggle 420,00               
SFW-CD-40027 SEEGER, Pete Singalong 780,00 2CD          
SFW-CD-40066 SPENCE, Joseph The Folkways Recordings 420,00               
SFW-CD-40041 VAN RONK, Dave The Folkways Years: 1959-1961 420,00               
SFW-CD-40037 Various artists / různí umělci AMERICAN BANJO - Three-Finger & Scruggs Style 420,00               
SFW-CD-40062 Various artists / různí umělci AMERICAN ROOTS COLLECTION - Smithsonian/Folkways 420,00               
SFW-CD-40090 Various artists / různí umělci ANTHOLOGY OF AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC - Edited By Harry Smith 3200,00 6CD          
SFW-CD-40031 Various artists / různí umělci BEEN IN THE STORM SO LONG - Spirituals, Folk Tales from John's Island, SC 420,00               
SFW-CD-40130 Various artists / různí umělci BEST OF BROADSIDE 1962-1988 2700,00 5CD          
SFW-CD-40079 Various artists / různí umělci BLACK BANJO SONGSTERS OF NORTH CAROLINA AND VIRGINIA 420,00               
SA141062 Various artists / různí umělci Bluegrass 220,00               
SFW-CD-40092 Various artists / různí umělci CLASSIC BLUEGRASS FROM SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS 420,00               
SFW-CD-40094 Various artists / různí umělci CLASSIC MOUNTAIN SONGS FROM SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS 420,00               
SFW-CD-40093 Various artists / různí umělci CLASSIC OLD TIME MUSIC FROM SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS RECORDINGS 420,00               
SFW-CD-40097 Various artists / různí umělci CLOSE TO HOME - Old Time Music from Mike Seeger's Collection 420,00               
SFW-CD-40043 Various artists / různí umělci COWBOY SONGS ON FOLKWAYS 420,00               
SFW-CD-40080 Various artists / různí umělci CROSSROADS: Southern Routes - Music of the American South 420,00               
SFW-CD-40088 Various artists / různí umělci DEEP POLKA: DANCE MUSIC FROM THE MIDWEST 420,00               
SFW-CD-40140 Various artists / různí umělci DEEPER POLKA - More Dance Music From The Midwest 420,00               
SFW-CD-40135 Various artists / různí umělci FAST FOLK - A Community Of Singers & Songwriters 780,00 2CD          
SFW-CD-40047 Various artists / různí umělci FOLK MASTERS - Live from Wolf Trap 420,00               
SFW-CD-40085 Various artists / různí umělci HARRY SMITH CONNECTION, The - A Live Tribute To The Anthology of American Folk M 420,00               
SFW-CD-40126 Various artists / různí umělci CHOOSE YOUR PARTNERS - Contra Dance and Square Dance Music of New Hampshire 420,00               
SFW-CD-40083 Various artists / různí umělci IOWA STATE FARE - Music from the Heartland 420,00               
SFW-CD-40026 Various artists / různí umělci LABOR SONGS - Don't Mourn - Organize! Songs of Joe Hill 420,00               
SFW-CD-40116 Various artists / různí umělci MADEMOISELLE-VOULEZ-VOUS-DANSER 420,00               
SFW-CD-40038 Various artists / různí umělci MOUNTAIN MUSIC BLUEGRASS STYLE 420,00               
SFW-CD-40077 Various artists / různí umělci MOUNTAIN MUSIC OF KENTUCKY 780,00 2CD          
SFW-CD-40473 Various artists / různí umělci NORTHUMBERLAND RANT 420,00               
SFW-CD-40086 Various artists / různí umělci RIVER OF SONG - Music from the PBS TV Series 780,00 2CD          
SFW-CD-40032 Various artists / různí umělci SING FOR FREEDOM - The Story of the Civil Rights Movement Through Its Songs 420,00               
SFW-CD-40021 Various artists / různí umělci THAT'S WHY WE'RE MARCHING 420,00               
SFW-CD-40084 Various artists / různí umělci VOICES OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT - Black American Freedom Songs, 1960-1966 780,00 2CD          
SA141002 Various artists / různí umělci Western America 220,00               
SFW-CD-40013 WALLIN, Doug and Jack Family Songs and Stories from the North Carolina Mountains 420,00               
SFW-CD-40012 WATSON, Doc The Doc Watson Family 420,00               
SFW-CD-40029 WATSON, Doc & ASHLEY, Clarence The Original Folkways Recordings 1960-62 780,00 2CD          
SFW-CD-40005 WATSON, Doc & RITCHIE, Jean At Folk City 420,00               
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